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Your 3D printing service provider for professional 3D printing. We support you in the production of high-quality prototypes, functional parts and small batches made of plastic.

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How can we help you?

I need a prototype

We advise and support you in choosing the right technology, the right material and a suitable finish.

I need a small batch

Do you need a small or medium quantity (1 - 10,000 pieces) of a plastic part? Find out here what makes a 3D printed small batches.

3D printing online calculator

Do you have CAD models in .step, .stl, .iges, or similar format and know exactly what you need? Then use our online 3D printing calculator.

Your 3D printing company

Our 3D printing shop includes the production of prototypes, functional parts andserial parts made of plastic. We mainly use additive manufacturing processes for this. Above all, we are specialized in manufacturing with what is known as selective laser sintering (SLS), the HP Multi Jet Fusion process (MJF) and fused layering (FDM).

3D Printing Service Provider

Customers & references

Top advice; fast and reliable delivery; Result as desired! New projects will follow ... a big thank you.

Sylvia Menailiuk

Fast service, good quality, good price. Usually you only get two of these traits, here you get all three.

Stefan Seifert​

Thanks to the professional team, I was able to implement my first prototype after a long search. In the future I will continue to rely on the cooperation with 3DBAVARIA.

Marcel Kirchhof

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Our core business

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is the production of sample parts directly from the existing 3D construction data. For production, additive manufacturing processes are then mostly used. The goal is to generate a physical model from the underlying data as quickly as possible. Production drawings or tools are normally not necessary with this method.

Small batches

Especially in the area of small batches, 3D printing can show its advantages. Because unlike conventional manufacturing processes, no costly tools are required. We have made the experience that there is often no more economical alternative to additive manufacturing, especially for series parts up to approx. 500 pieces. Our on-demand service also reduces your storage costs.

What are the advantages of a 3D printing service provider?

  • Knowhow/technology selection: After numerous and successfully completed printing projects, a service provider can offer you the best advice and professional support.
  • Cost savings: Taking into account the real total effort (man, machine, material), the part costs for a service provider are significantly lower.
  • Capacity: A 3D printing service can produce significantly more parts in less time.
  • Quality: With years of experience, a service provider can provide you with 3D printing parts of extremely high quality.
  • Time savings: By outsourcing a complex process, you and your employees save valuable working time

Our 3D Printing Technologies

There are many 3D printing processes, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore all the more important to have the right partner by your side. Because only they know the exact differences between the individual technologies. Together with our various materials, we can cover a wide range of applications.

HP Multi Jet Fusion (HP MJF)

Die jüngste unserer Technologien. Mit ihr lassen sich sehr gut Kleinserien und robuste Funktionsteile herstellen. Die Vorteile dieser Technologie:
  • Isotrope Bauteileigenschaften
  • Druckdichte Materialien
  • Sehr gute Detailtreue
  • Schneller Druckprozess

Selektives Lasersintern (SLS)

Im industriellen Umfeld ist das Selektive Laser Sintering das am häufigsten eingesetzte 3D Druck Verfahren. Es eignet sich hervorragend für Prototypen und Funktionsbauteile. Die Vorteile des SLS Verfahrens:
  • Perfekt für eine nachträgliche Veredelung (Färbung, Oberflächenbehandlung)
  • Temperaturbeständigkeit (PA12, PA2200)
  • Preis/Leistung
  • Z.T. für den Lebensmittelkontakt geeignet

Schmelzschichtung (FDM)

Die günstige Alternative für große Bauteile und Kunststoffteile bei denen die Optik zweitrangig ist. Die Vorteile dieser 3D Druck Technologie:
  • Kurze Lieferzeit für Prototypen (ab 1 Werktag)
  • Auch für große Bauteile (bis zu 1.000mm)
  • Sehr große Materialauswahl
  • Günstige Kleinserien

3DBAVARIA GmbH & Co. KG - Your 3D Printing Service

If you are looking for a suitable 3D printing service, then we are the right address. We support you in selecting the right technology. Our expertise in the field of 3D printing service online guarantees that you will receive professional advice, saving you money and time, as well as providing you with high-quality parts.

Contact the experts at 3DBAVARIA GmbH & Co. KG for a 3D printing service online!