3D printing technologies

At 3DBAVARIA we offer you suitable 3D printing technologies for your projects. Discover new possibilities for the production of high-quality and functional prototypes, functional parts and small batches.

Selective laser sintering (SLS)

The most versatile process for prototypes and small batches

SLS is the most widely used 3D printing process in the industrial environment and offers a wide range of finishing options for high-quality prototypes and small batches.

HP Multi Jet Fusion (HP MJF)

The currently fastest powder-bed-based 3D printing process

With the MJF process from HP, robust and durable plastic parts can be produced in repeatable quality in no time at all.

Fused layer (FDM)

The right choice for large and voluminous parts

The comparatively inexpensive but extremely flexible FDM process impresses with a huge selection of materials and large installation spaces ( in our case, for example, up to 1000x500x500 mm).

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