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3D printing materials

We offer you a large selection of various plastics for additive manufacturing. Regardless of the requirements you have for your parts - with us you are sure to find the right 3D printing materials for your prototypes, individual and series parts.

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Materials for selective laser sintering

For selective laser sintering, we provide you with a selection of polyamides, polymers and elastomers. These plastic materials cover a wide range of requirements such as strength, flexibility or chemical resistance.


The excellent mechanical properties, coupled with very good dimensional stability, make PA12 a real all-rounder in additive manufacturing.


With this thermoplastic elastomer with a Shore hardness of 90A, flexible parts can be manufactured that have a good feel and high wear resistance.


Materials for the HP Multi Jet Fusion process

Thanks to the unique MJF technology, high-density part with low porosity can be manufactured. With the help of these 3D printing materials, usable end products and functional prototypes can be realized.


The HP-PA12 has a very balanced profile of properties and is suitable for functional parts and prototypes due to its high stability and impact resistance.


This PA12 filled with 40% glass beads is used especially for components that require high rigidity and dimensional stability, such as housings.


The polyamide 11 from HP is tougher than PA12 and tears when force is applied instead of splintering. This is a crucial safety factor, especially in the automotive industry.


Materials for melt layering

The FDM process offers the largest selection of materials of our technologies. Depending on the application, you can choose between flexible, heat-resistant, chemically resistant, UV-stable and of course mechanically strong plastics.


ABS is the most widely used plastic in the world. It is characterized by a high level of heat resistance and very good post-processing options.


The PLA, made from renewable raw materials, is characterized by its high tensile strength. It is particularly suitable for prototypes and bulky parts.


This plastic combines the best properties of ABS and PLA. It is tougher than ABS, more heat-resistant than PLA, UV-stable and resistant to many chemicals.


ASA is the ABS for outdoors. The property profile is similar, but ASA has a higher heat resistance and is more resistant to UV radiation.


Polycarbonate (PC) is an extremely tough material. It has a high temperature resistance, which is e.g. ideal for technical housings.


The carbon fiber-reinforced PA6/66 is highly resistant to external influences and particularly good for robust parts that have to meet higher mech. requirements.


With an elasticity of up to 480%, high chemical resistance and heat resistance up to 140°C, the material is suitable for industrial applications.


ESD ABS is ideal for critical applications that require a high level of protection against electrostatic discharges, such as electrical enclosures or packaging.

Green-TEC Pro

This material represents a real alternative to conventional materials used for technical applications and is both food safe and compostable.

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