Thermoplastic polyurethane powder for selective laser sintering

Weißes Bauteil aus SLS TPU

Max. building space:

300 x 300 x 300 mm


+/- 0,3 mm


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Delivery time:

6-8 working days

Material Info

This polyurethane-based thermoplastic elastomer (TPU for short) is a highly flexible and resilient material with an elongation at break of up to 300%. The white TPU powder can be excellently processed in selective laser sintering to create parts with a pleasant feel. It retains its high impact strength even in the cold. Coupled with high wear resistance and good chemical resistance, it is ideal for elastic seals, handles and trims.

Look and feel:
Untreated parts are white and have a slightly rough surface. Various post-treatment processes are available with which smooth, homogeneous surfaces can be achieved.

Technical documents:


Dyed SLS parts


SLS parts can be dyed after printing. Textile dye is used and our color palette ranges from 31 standard colors to 170 RAL shades.

Chemical smoothing

During chemical smoothing, the parts are treated with a solvent vapor. In this way, surfaces are achieved that come close to the quality of injection molded components.

Technical properties

Test Value Method
Sintered part density >1.10 g/cm3 ISO 1183
Melting point 105-125°C ISO 11357
Tensile strength 6-12 MPa DIN 53504
Young modulus 40-65 MPa DIN 53504
Elongation at break >300% DIN 53504

The SLS technology

The SLS technology is our most versatile 3D printing process. It is ideally suited for the production of functional prototypes, high-quality functional parts and small batches made of plastic.

Further materials for the SLS process


The excellent mechanical properties, coupled with very good dimensional stability, make PA12 a real all-rounder in additive manufacturing.

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