SLS - PA12

Also known as: PA2200, Nylon 12, Polyamide 12

Bauteil aus SLS - PA12

Max. building space:

340 x 340 x 600 mm


+/- 0,3 mm


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Delivery time:

5-6 working days

Material Info

This material is a real all-rounder in additive manufacturing. It is characterized by excellent mechanical properties and also has very good dimensional stability. The difference to normal PA12 is due to the manufacturing process, which ensures a higher crystallinity and a higher melting point for SLS - PA12.

Look and feel:
Untreated parts are white and have a slightly rough surface. Various post-treatment processes are available with which smooth, homogeneous surfaces can be achieved.


Dyed SLS parts


SLS parts can be dyed after printing. Textile dye is used and our color palette ranges from 31 standard colors to 170 RAL shades.

gray 3D printed parts with finish

Vibratory grinding (tumbling)

Vibratory grinding produces homogeneous and smooth surfaces. For this purpose, an even abrasion is generated on the parts in a vibration trough using grinding stones.

Chemical smoothing

During chemical smoothing, the parts are treated with a solvent vapor. In this way, surfaces are achieved that come close to the quality of injection molded components.

Technical properties

Test Value Method
Tensile strength 45 ± 3 MPa ASTM D527
Tensile modulus 1700 ± 150 MPa ASTM D527
Elongation at break 20 ± 5 % ASTM D527
Heat resistance according to Vicat
- B/50

- A/50


181°C DIN EN ISO 306
Water absorption
- 100°C, water storage

- 23°C, 96% RF

- 23°C, 50% RF


1,33% DIN EN ISO 306
0,52% DIN EN ISO 306
Flammability HB UL94

The SLS technology

The SLS technology is our most versatile 3D printing process. It is ideally suited for the production of functional prototypes, high-quality functional parts and small batches made of plastic.

Further materials for the SLS process


With this thermoplastic elastomer with a Shore hardness of 90A, flexible parts can be manufactured that have a good feel and high wear resistance.

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