Room for new opportunities

We are doubling our production area

After moving into our new company premises in Barbing near Regensburg at the beginning of 2021, we are pleased that we can now expand them just under two years later.

Since January 2021, both our production, which currently includes 27 3D printers of three different technologies, and our offices are located on an area of 250sqm in Gutenbergstraße 14 in Barbing. Due to the steadily increasing importance of additive manufacturing for industry and the associated continuously growing number of 3D printing projects for us, we have decided to expand our company premises by a neighboring hall and thus to double the total area to 500sqm.

The new production area will allow us to expand manufacturing capacities, optimize processes and improve workflows. In this way, we ensure that we are optimally prepared for an even greater number of orders in the future and can continue to provide you with optimum advice and support in all matters relating to additive manufacturing.

To this end, we also expanded our team last year, which is why we expanded our office space in addition to a larger production area. We also plan for our team to continue to grow in the coming year. If you are interested in joining us in shaping the future of component manufacturing using 3D printing, please take a look at the job section of our website, where new vacancies are posted regularly.

We are looking forward to taking full advantage of the opportunities that the new premises will bring us in the new year and hope that we can continue to be your dedicated partner for numerous 3D printing projects in the future.