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3D printing large format parts

Large Parts can be produced quickly and cost-effectively with a large-format 3D printer. Learn more about the advantages.

Benefits of additively manufactured large formats

There are several benefits for the 3D printing of large-format parts that also speak in favor of additive manufacturing in general. These include, for example, the significantly greater design freedom that this method offers compared to conventional manufacturing processes. In addition, additively manufactured parts are easily customized and can thus be easily adapted to customer requirements. Additive manufacturing is also characterized by high flexibility. With this process, it is almost irrelevant how many pieces of a part are called off. Delivery times are generally very short.

In addition, 3D printing offers several other advantages that make it particularly interesting for large formats:

FDM 3D Printer

Our Technology for large parts

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), also known as Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), is most commonly used for large-format parts. This is also the case with us.

In this process, the starting material is in the form of a plastic filament wound onto spools. This is led to the so-called "hotend" via a feed system. There it is melted by high temperatures and pressed through the nozzle by the sustained material feed and applied layer by layer to the building platform. In this way, the finished part is created from a 3D model that has previously been divided into layers by a slicing program.

For more information on how the FDM process works and how to use it, please visit our technology page.

We use the Fabbrix Elemento V2.1 for the production of large formats. This allows parts up to a size of 1000 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm to be manufactured.

Materials for printing large plastic parts

Of our technologies, the FDM process offers the largest selection of different materials. This means that you will also find the right material for your particular application when printing your large-format parts.


ABS is the most widely used plastic in the world. It is characterized by a high level of heat resistance and very good post-processing options.


The PLA, made from renewable raw materials, is characterized by its high tensile strength. It is particularly suitable for prototypes and bulky parts.


PETG combines the best properties from ABS and PLA. It is tougher than ABS, more heat-resistant than PLA, UV-stable and resistant to many chemicals.

*Please note: When using ABS, it is not possible to use the maximum build volume, but only a size of 400 x 400 x 400 mm.

Part in large format printer

Fields of application

The possibilities offered by an industrial 3D printer for large formats are very versatile. They are already used in many industries.

In the aerospace industry, for example, complex lightweight parts have been manufactured in this way for several decades. With large-format printers, these can be produced in a short time and with improved material properties. The so-called consolidation is also of particular interest for this area. This refers to the technique of printing different parts as a single part. This also shortens the assembly time.

In the automotive industry, large format 3D printing offers the ability to replicate body panels, fascias and even mechanical parts. Additive manufacturing also has the advantage here that it can deliver lighter and higher-performance parts than conventional processes.

3D printing is also increasingly used in architecture and the construction industry. For example, scale models can be created to better illustrate planned structures. The construction industry also uses additive manufacturing as a supporting technology. For example, formwork is manufactured that is used as molds to later produce concrete castings.

In general, additive manufacturing is not only used in high-tech companies, but is also increasingly used by small and medium-sized businesses. If you also want to implement a large-scale 3D project or have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Interesting facts about 3D printing

You are new to additive manufacturing or 3D printing and want to find out more about basic topics? No problem: You will find numerous explanations and assistance in our knowledge database. With just a few clicks, the database can be sorted into various subject areas, such as "saving costs". Should you still require further and personal advice, please contact us.